Early Detection, Effective Response

Semiconductor processing facilities present a unique challenge to provide fire protection. Over the past few years, there have been several devastating fires within the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Particularly troublesome hazard areas within these facilities are the wet bench and processing tools where silicone wafers are processed through acids or solvents. The combination of corrosive chemicals, flammable vapors, and high-value semiconductor wafers requires fire suppression systems that are able to provide early detection, rapid response, and a high level of effectiveness.

The ability to control a fire before the combustion products damage the clean room environment is essential. When combined with modern optical detection systems and the appropriate use of smoke and heat detection, the fire suppression systems can detect and suppress a fire before it results in significant damage to the tool. The loss of production during lengthy downtime for cleanup can be greater than the actual fire damage itself.

The Hiller Companies’ expertise is in the matching of the most effective detection systems with the appropriate fire suppression. This results in a “total system” that provides the best protection for semiconductor fabrication facilities and typical clean room hazards such as wet benches, chemical storage and distribution cabinets, acid/etching stations, ion implantation equipment, automated robotic equipment and more.

  • Air Sampling Smoke Detection and Conventional Devices (depending upon area)
  • Conventional and Addressable Control Systems
  • Flammable and Toxic Gas Detectors
  • Heat Detectors (linear and spot)
  • Automatic Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression
  • Water Mist Fire Suppression
  • Optical Flame Detection